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Parameswaran Ramanathan


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Electrical and Computer Engineering
Computer Sciences
Genomic Sciences Training Program

Research interests

Research Activities

I lead the research efforts in the Wisconsin Advanced Network Design, Experimentation, and Research (WANDER)laboratory. The primary research focus of this laboratory is on developing the architectures, the protocols, and the mechanisms needed to meet the diverse service requirements of emerging applications in cellular, wireless ad hoc, and wireline networks. One of the research thrusts involves developing communication support for sustaining end-to-end gigabit throughputs to mobile hosts in future Internet. In addition to developing the necessary theoretical algorithms, we are also implementing and experimenting with these algorithms on national networking testbed called Global Environment for Network Innovations (GENI). %In another research thrust, we are developing %techniques for information exchange and collaborative decision-making %in stationary and mobile microsensor networks. One of the ongoing research projects %in this area involves in-field calibration and use of on-chip temperature %sensors for managing the thermal profile of multicore processors %both during manufacturing testing and during execution of real-time %applications. More recently, I have been working in the area of genomic networks. In a collaborative project with researchers from Biochemistry, Chemistry, and Chemical and Biological Engineering, my group is working on developing computational tools for genome foundries and genome-aided biodesign.

In the past, I have also worked on the problem of real-time and non-real-time communication in distributed computing systems.  I have also published extensively in the area of fault-tolerant computing on problems such as clock synchronization, checkpointing and rollback recovery, memory testing, and resource placement.

Funding for this research have come federal agencies like National Science Foundation (NSF), Defense Advanced Project Research Agency (DARPA), United States Army Research Office, and industries like Cisco, AT&T, Telcordia Technologies, Johnson Controls, Westell Technologies, and Chrysler Motors Corporation.

For copies of journal and conference papers, see Publications.

Recent Research Projects

  • GENI experiments on mobile gigabit wireless access
  • Training surgeons using virtual reality based environments
  • Exploiting ultrafast networks in advanced manufacturing
  • Genome foundries and genome-aided biodesign
  • Experimenting with persistent live video streaming service
  • Preserving the confidentiality of sensitive information in power system models
  • Powevisor: Virtualize battery resources in mobile devices
  • Teaching Activities in Fall 2015

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