GENI Experiments on Mobile Gigabit Wireless Access With Core-to-Edge Network Coding

Investigator: Project Objectives:

This project aims to address two research questions for future Internet with mobile devices equipped with gigabit wireless technologies. Emerging gigabit wireless technologies will soon allow mobile devices to access broadband media on the move via gigabit wireless networks on the edge of the future Internet. With this promising vision come two imminent challenges that question the actual achievable performance across the Internet core and wireless edge networks. On the one hand, it is known that end-to-end broadband network flows, TCP and UDP alike, suffer from substantial throughput degradation when bandwidth on network links fluctuate due to causes such as cross traffic, network handoff, re-route, and packet losses. On the other hand, the aggregate traffic caused by a large number of mobile gigabit clients is expected to induce bottlenecks in the Internet core and/or the wireless edge to impact performance of the entire Internet.

Leveraging GENI's deeply programmable core and wireless edge networks, we propose to experiment with inter-flow and intra-flow network coding, multipath routing, and OpenFlow based congestion detection and on-demand localized control schemes. It has not been possible to validate the models and the fundamental limits of the above techniques on an operational network without fine-grained measurement and control capabilities for conducting reproducible high fidelity experiments with realistic network traffic.

Funding Graduate Students